Apartment Observations
A series of illustrations inspired by my apartment.
Design for Miller Porfirio Duo's album, Divertimenti, released in the summer of 2015. The album features violin and viola music by European composers.
album artwork
Overtime is So Over
Book cover design for "Overtime is SO Over," a personal growth book about leaving the office on time and transforming how to approach work.
book cover design
Twin Cities, Minnesota
An illustration inspired by my hometown.
This is Vietnam
A typographic book inspired by an interview with two of my veteran uncles about their experiences fighting in the Vietnam War.
book design
Music Illustrations
A series of illustrations inspired by artists and bands I love.
Go Jetters
Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with BBC (UK) to promote the launch of the television show Go Jetters.
toy packaging
USPS Super Bowl
Pictorial postmark and postcards designed for the Minneapolis Post Office to commemorate the 2018 Super Bowl, held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
illustration, logo design
The Lost Art of Handwritten Communication
A book about the importance of handwritten communication and how handwriting helps us value our communication with one another.
book design
NYC Taxi Playing Cards
54 card deck of playing cards inspired by New York City taxis.
packaging design
America Give Up
Album artwork and merchandise design for America Give Up, the debut album of Howler, an internationally acclaimed rock band signed to the London based label Rough Trade.
album artwork, website, branding
John Lennon Airport
John Lennon Airport is located in Liverpool, England, a major tourist attraction for Beatles fans across the world. Combining music and travel, this theoretical rebrand draws inspiration from 1960's concert posters and ticket stubs.
branding, student work
City of Snoqualmie
A fictional rebrand for the city of Snoqualmie, Washington.
branding, student work
Toys & Antiques
A 2017 desk calendar featuring vector illustrations of miscellaneous things in my apartment.
Haha, pass
Branding for Haha, pass, a zany online shop for girl power enthusiasts that sells handmade accessories, buttons, pins, hair bows, keychains, and more.
branding, website, illustration
Teenie Genies Press Box
Toy packaging and press box designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, to promote the launch of Teenie Genies, a new line of mini, collectable genie figures from Nickelodeon's Shimmer and Shine television show.
toy packaging
The ABC's of Tough Conversations
Coming soon.
book design, illustration
The Last Race
Pins, stickers, and hats designed to promote Michael Dweck's documentary film, The Last Race, premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
logo design
Consumer product mockups, illustrations, and type treatments designed while interning at Nickelodeon for the Art Director of Product Design and Packaged Goods.
product design, illustration
Record Portfolio
Taking a new approach to portfolio presention, this 7'' record serves as a mini portfolio handout.
personal branding
Bing Bunny
Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with Acamar Films (UK) to promote the Emmy Award winning television show Bing Bunny.
toy packaging
Lillie Gardner, Pianist
Album artwork, poster, and business card designs for classical pianist, Lillie Gardner.
album art, branding, business cards
Chess Championship
Poster designed for the 50th Annual Scholastic Chess Championship, held by the MN State Chess Association.
poster design
Nook Look
Logo design for Nook Look, a New York based company focusing on home decor.
logo design, website
[wherever] magazine
Illustrations and editorial designs for various travel articles featured in [wherever] magazine.
editorial, illustration
Book Cover Design
Various book cover concepts designed at Parsons.
book cover designs, student work
Derailed with Dean Dimitruk
Logo design and branding for Derailed with Dean Dimitruk, a late night talk show taking place on the New York City subway. Derailed was recently featured in Gothamist and HuffPost.
logo design
Jordon Ré Jewelry
Logo, print, and website design for Jordon Ré Jewerly. The design of this brand complements the colors and unique detail of the jewelry in a clean, sophisticated style.
website, logo design
Monsters in the Hallway
Book cover designs for "Monsters in the Hallway," a fiction novel by Captain Jim Kosmo, based on true events. Set in the 1950's, this book focuses on the relationship of a nine-year-old boy scout and his schizophrenic father.
book cover design
Eight Pieces
"Eight Pieces" is an album released in the Fall of 2013 by the violin/viola duo Anton Miller and Rita Porfiris.
album artwork
Shock Ale
Shock Ale is a fictitious brand of beer targeted towards youthful, energetic twenty-somethings who are down for a shocking night of entertainment.
branding, student work
New York City
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with Disney Junior to promote the television show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
toy packaging
Obama for America
A collection of social media graphics made while working as a Design Fellow at Obama for America New York, in efforts to re-elect Barack Obama in the 2012 Election.
social media graphics
Recital Posters
A collection of classical and jazz recital posters designed for various musicians.
poster designs
Chillin 'n Grillin
Summer BBQ invite design.
invite design, illustration
Full Spectrum Float
Logo design for Full Spectrum Float, a floatation center based in Saint Peter, Minnesota.
website, logo designs
Restaurants & Diners
Illustrations created for fun.
Internet Addiction
A video and zine reflecting on chaotic internet culture as preliminary research for my thesis project.
My Three Bulldogs
A print inspired by my three bulldogs, Edward, Agnes and Eugenie.
poster design
Farmland Milk
Fictional label designs for Farmland Milk.
label design, student work
Dora and Friends
Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with Nickelodeon to promote the television show Dora and Friends.
toy packaging