Economy Candy
Founded in 1937, Economy Candy is an iconic candy shop located in the Lower East Side of New York City. Famous for its vast selection of long forgotten candy brands, owner Jerry Cohen has developed a unique atmosphere that is adventurous, exciting and above all, nostalgic. As a fictitious project, the identity of this company was re-designed to express the lively mix of feelings that customers experience upon entering the store, emphasized by the playful use of patterns and color.
Color Palette
Pattern Variations
Hand Drawn Logo
Boy and Girl Characters
Business Cards
Print Collateral – Letterhead, Folder and Envelope
Tasting Notes – A fun, interactive activity for customers that lists every type of candy sold in stores and comes with a sticker set so customers and mark what they like/dislike.
Gumball Machine
In-Store Candy/Chocolate Packaging
Tote Bags

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