Go Jetters
Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with BBC (UK) to promote the launch of the television show Go Jetters. The Go Jetters are a group of four characters who travel across the globe with their disco-loving unicorn teacher, Ubercorn, to teach children about different cultures, historic sites, and random "funky" facts which are highlighted on some of the packaging back panels.
Being a new brand, our team was fortunate to work very closely with the licensor in developing the style guide, from patterns to holding shapes to logo concepts. The graphics for this brand reflect the show content by using rainbows, hexagon shapes, and high-tech styles. In addition to the layout design, I also art directed all packaging photography and illustrations to highlight all features of the product.
Structure Design: Katelyn Geigel & Cole Fenton
Copywriting: Paul Castiglia
Product Design: Casey Schneider
Graphic Design: Jane Gardner

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