Monsters in the Hallway
"Monsters in the Hallway" is a fiction novel by Captain Jim Kosmo, based on true events. Set in the 1950's, this book focuses on the relationship of a nine-year-old boy scout and his schizophrenic father, who's imaginary friend told him to kill his family and he eventually winds up in an insane asylum.
For the book cover, I came up with different designs that depict themes of the 1950's, horror and crime, schizophrenia and mental illness, imagery of the house where the story takes place, as well as a boy scout scarf and uniform, which become an important element throughout the novel.
For the final book cover, shown directly below, the author found a photograph he had of the insane asylum where his real life father lived. Using a dark blue and orange color palette, I kept the design very simple using an eerie color palette and san serif font that makes the title feel more subdued.
The book was published by Beaver's Pond Press and can be purchased here.

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