Nickelodeon Internship
Product mockups designed while interning at Nickelodeon for the Art Director of Product Design and Packaged Goods. The packaging here was presented as pitches to different buyers and combines two separate style guides into one cohesive look, to clearly represent both the product and brand property.
SpongeBob - Vita Coco, Pineapple Flavored Packaging
Bubble Guppies - Mini Notebooks
Sam & Cat - Folder, Notebook and Pencil Pouch
SpongeBob - Mini Greeting Cards
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mini Greeting Cards

other projects:

Full Spectrum Float
Go Jetters
Shock Ale
Lillie Gardner, Pianist
Bing Bunny
Eight Pieces
Piano Recital Posters
Haha, pass
The Imperfectionists
Record Portfolio
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