Branding and packaging design for Blonkers, a wacky pair of glasses that blink open and closed.
USPS Super Bowl
Pictorial postmark and postcards designed for the Minneapolis Post Office to commemorate the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota.
Branding designed at Spot, a digital marketing agency based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
John Lennon Airport
Theoretical rebrand for the John Lennon Airport, a major tourist attraction for Beatles fans across the world.
City of Snoqualmie
A fictional rebrand for the city of Snoqualmie, Washington.
Haha, pass
Branding for Haha, pass, a zany online shop for girl power enthusiasts that sells handmade accessories, buttons, pins, hair bows, keychains, and more.
Tizzy Tongues
Branding and packaging design for Tizzy Tongues, a new line of toy monsters designed at Mattel.
The Last Race
Pins, stickers, and hats designed to promote Michael Dweck's documentary film, The Last Race, premiering at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.
Lillie Gardner, Pianist
Album artwork, poster, and business card designs for classical pianist, Lillie Gardner.
Nook Look
Logo design for Nook Look, a New York based company focusing on home decor.
Southern Brooklyn COAD
Logo design for the Southern Brooklyn COAD, a division of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island.
New York City
An illustration of New York City.
Derailed with Dean Dimitruk
Logo design and branding for Derailed with Dean Dimitruk, a late night talk show taking place on the New York City subway.
Jordon Ré Jewelry
Logo design and branding for Jordon Ré Jewerly.
Shock Ale
Theoretical branding project for Shock Ale.
Full Spectrum Float
Logo design for Full Spectrum Float, a floatation center based in Saint Peter, Minnesota.
Economy Candy
Founded in 1937, Economy Candy is an iconic candy shop located in the Lower East Side of New York City.
Dump the Junk
Dump the Junk is a fictitious company that specializes in removing unwanted “junk” from a person’s home.
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