Logo, business card, and website design for Nook Look, a New York based home decor company.

Album artwork, website, and merchandise design for America Give Up, the debut album of Howler, an indie rock band signed to Rough Trade. This album was featured  in The New York Times, NME Magazine, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and more.​​​​​​​

This is Vietnam is a typographic book inspired by an interview with two of my veteran uncles about their experiences fighting in the Vietnam War.

Book cover design for Overtime is SO Over, a personal growth book about leaving the office on time and transforming how to approach work.

Branding designed at Spot, a digital marketing agency based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, in collaboration with BBC (UK) to promote the launch of the television show Go Jetters

Consumer product mockups designed while interning at Nickelodeon for the Art Director of Product Design and Packaged Goods.

Branding for Haha, pass, a zany online shop for girl power enthusiasts that sells handmade accessories, buttons, pins, hair bows, keychains, and more.

The Lost Art of Handwritten Communication is a book about the importance of handwritten communication and how handwriting helps us value our communication with one another in a digital world. 

Toy packaging and press box designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel, to promote the launch of Teenie Genies, a new line of mini, collectable genie figures from Nickelodeon's Shimmer and Shine television show.

Logo design, business cards, and website design for Full Spectrum Float, a floatation center based in Saint Peter, Minnesota.

Logo, print, and website design for Jordon Ré Jewelry.

Toy packaging designed at Fisher-Price, Mattel,in collaboration with Disney Junior to promote the television show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Illustrations, patterns, and editorial designs for [wherever] magazine, a travel magazine about culture, literature, and politics.

Social media graphics designed while interning at Obama for America during the 2012 Election.

Design of Miller Porfiris Duo's third album, Divertimenti, released in the summer of 2015.

Logo design for Derailed with Dean Dimitruk, a new web series  taking place on the subway. Derailed has been featured in Gothamist, Huffpost, AOL, and PIX11 News.

Album artwork, poster, and business card designs for classical pianist, Lillie Gardner.