Mix & Match Pattern App
This project is a collaboration between Rachal Tai, Jane Gardner & Anjana Singhwi for Parson's Interaction Core: Studio class. Our goal was to create a pattern-making app on the iPad, with our target group being both designers and non-designers. We based the paradigm of the work space on Adobe Photoshop, allowing designers to feel more intuitive with the app. We also added labels underneath the buttons to allow users who are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop to understand and use the app with ease. Below contains part of our app, showing how to apply a kaleidoscope effect onto a preset pattern from the pattern library. A video of our user testing is also included.
Splash Page
Main Menu
Construct from Scratch - Main Page/Canvas
Color slider: used to change colors of shapes
Pattern Library
Kaleidoscope Effect
Another example of the Kaleidoscope effect (different scale & no. of divisions from last one)
Typing in name for save
File Saved!

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