Obama for America
A collection of social media graphics designed as an intern at Obama for America New York during the 2012 Election.
social media graphics
Haha, pass
Branding for Haha, pass, a zany online shop for girl power enthusiasts that sells handmade accessories, buttons, pins, hair bows, keychains, and more.
logo | branding | web
Southern Brooklyn COAD
Logo design and branding for Southern Brooklyn COAD, a coalition of community organizations active in disaster.
logo | branding | web
Full Spectrum Float
Logo design and branding for Full Spectrum Float, a floatation center based in Mankato, Minnesota.
logo | branding | web
A. Sutton Branding
Logo design and branding for Ashley Sutton, a speaker, author, and career advisor.
logo | branding | web
Logo design and branding for Derailed with Dean Dimitruk, a late night talk show taking place on the New York City subway.
logo | branding | web
Nook Look
Logo design concepts for Nook Look, a New York based company focusing on home decor.
logo | branding | web
America Give Up
Album artwork and branding for America Give Up, the debut album by Howler, a rock band signed to the London based label Rough Trade.
album artwork | branding
Branding for Spot, a digital marketing agency based in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
logo | branding | web
Mix & Match
A collaboration between Rachal Tai, Jane Gardner & Anjana Singhwi for Parson's Interaction Core: Studio class.
app design
Jordon Ré Jewelry
Logo design and branding for Jordon Ré Jewerly.
logo | branding | web
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